Adam Kašpar is a absolvent of Martin Mainer’s Painting Studio IV at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He has held several individual exhibitions and participated in a number of group exhibitions. His works are gradually becoming a very distinct phenomenon of the Czech art scene.

Nature is the dominant theme of Kašpar’s works. He captures it in a meticulous, realistic technique. The painting itself is preceded by a series of preparatory sketches, photographs and systematic observation, yet his approach is nothing but documentary. Kašpar studies nature as a phenomenon inseparably related with humans and society in a time of debates over the reduction of national parks and ruthless destruction of the wild. If there is man or architecture present in his painting, they always present a negligible ephemeral trace contrasting with the dominating eternal nature. The artist does not take interest in a general theme, but prefers to choose a specific place the unique character of which he embodies in his work. The specific landscape is brought back to life enhanced with the painter’s artistic interpretation. He draws inspiration from landscape painting of the renaissance era as well as of the 19th century and combines it with his strong subjective attitude to nature creating unusually appealing artwork. His paintings deliver a lively message of our ephemerality, of our roots and the phenomenon that surpasses us so much and that we often tend to ignore it: our pettiness in comparison with the magnificence of nature.


  • born in 1993, Litomyšl
  • 2009 – 2012 – Střední umělecká škola grafická, Jihlava
  • od roku 2012 – AVU, ateliér malířství IV / škola prof. Martina Mainera