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A humility, almost sacred, towards painting and the possibilities of capturing the visible, towards the Earth and its beauty that Kašpar substantially recognizes and passes on to the viewers through systematic observation, experiencing of the landscape and sacred awe of the Earth’s shapes and understanding of the rules of painting illusion.
Kašpar is a prominent painter and a student of the fifth year at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in Martin Mainer’s studio. Ever since he commenced his studies he has been impressing with his personality, unmistakable talent and originality.
Kašpar’s work is a classical landscape, timeless, firmly and clearly anchored in modern art and has the spiritual and artistic support of many of his elder colleagues both in the Czech Republic and in the broad contemporary art world, who deal with similar realistic efforts and expression and who are in the limelight of investors, gallerists and the general public.

Rather than approaching the landscape as a fleeting phenomenon, Kašpar treats it as Beauty with capital B, as something pervaded with the ancient, mythical spirit of rocks, mountains, glaciers, woods, springs, deep pools and tree shapes. Kašpar layers and wiggles the paint, he kneads the paints from the tubes into colours that do not exist in these tubes and that cannot be conjured up, they can only be materialized through the artist’s desire and skill in capturing the shape, depth, space, light quality and the atmosphere of the location.


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